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Lake Michigan inspired beach glass jewelry 

Seachakravibe was founded in February of 2019. I began using beach glass recently discovered on a brisk December morning with a good friend who told me about it (I had never heard of "beach glass" or "sea glass" (as it's better know as) even though I have spent a lot of time at the beach)! I had no idea what it was till she explained that it comes from old broken glassware, dishes, bottles of all sorts, pottery and the like that had been disposed of in the Great Lakes and Oceans which over time gets smoothed and shaped by many years of churning waves and sand. It's amazing to think about where each piece of glass may have come from and how many years it took to find it's way onto the beach! I spent the first few months focusing on making earrings with beach glass and then incorporating copper and argentium silver into my designs. Many hours of research and idea gathering led to the making of many pieces of jewelry with leather, shells, pearls and anything related to the beach. It has been a ever evolving process that has become a both a passion of mine and new way to express my creative energies. I take tremendous pride in my craft and make each piece of jewelry with quality materials and much care is taken in the details. I want every customer to to feel that same joy and pride that I do when they put that piece of jewelry on. I can make custom pieces as well to suit anyone's particular taste. Please feel free to contact me and I will help in any way I can. Browse through my shop and if you see something that catches your eye but you would like something changed a bit like color scheme, size, type of metal, color of leather etc...I am happy to help customize a special piece for you! 

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